Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Jubilee week Emma!

Gregs family has always had a long running tradition....the week before someones birthday you celebrate. This is called JUBILEE week. You do things such as make that persons bed, put notes in their sack lunches, give them lots of loves and some small gifts, make their favorite meals, etc. So this week as we prepare for emmas 2nd birthday(and since we already do those things for emma becasue she is only 2) we will make sure to give her extra attention and lots of loves....treat her like a princess. Because of course that is what she believes she is.

We will finish off jubilee week with a huge Bday party. The easter bunny will be making an appearance. I pray that all of the kids wont run off screaming. Wouldnt that be the plan that kills the party. Well keep our fingers crossed and the video camera ready!

So Happy Birthday Em! We love you SOOOOOO much! Its been a great Year!

Picture courtesy of Emma. One year ago !