Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing Mommy

Emma's new thing is to play mommy. She gets all of her dollies and animals, wraps them up in blankies and reads them a story. The only small problem is that she puts them to sleep in our front room....needless to stay they have been sleeping in this room for the last week. If we even think about moving them...emma has a cow. Oh well...we love that she has become so grown up!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Amazing Deal


Can you believe of my best girlfriends(who was 7 months prego on the show) totally won $1,000,000 last night on deal or no deal. I am so happy for her... and nobody deserves it more than Jess and Ross.

It was so much fun watching the show with her last night. It was way intense....none of us knew because she has had to keep it quiet since July 8th. The second to last case we were all just sobbing because we knew regardless she would win a butt loud of money. Either 200,000 or one million. So of course you have to go for it. She did... and then the final #4 case was opened and there it was $1,000,000. We freaked out. WOO WOO! ( if you watched you would know what that means)

...And NO she is not naming her baby howie.