Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Amazing Deal

(pictures ksl.com)

Can you believe it...one of my best girlfriends(who was 7 months prego on the show) totally won $1,000,000 last night on deal or no deal. I am so happy for her... and nobody deserves it more than Jess and Ross.

It was so much fun watching the show with her last night. It was way intense....none of us knew because she has had to keep it quiet since July 8th. The second to last case we were all just sobbing because we knew regardless she would win a butt loud of money. Either 200,000 or one million. So of course you have to go for it. She did... and then the final #4 case was opened and there it was $1,000,000. We freaked out. WOO WOO! ( if you watched you would know what that means)

...And NO she is not naming her baby howie.


Jane Maynard said...

THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! how fun you got to watch it with her! tell her congratulations (like she's not going to hear THAT at all!)

Lisa said...

My brother Jared saw you on TV and called me right away! How much fun. I am glad someone so deserving won the million!

Molly said...

WHAT? How cool is that? LUCKY... in a Napoleon Dynamyte voice.

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