Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Fun

Here are some of the picture from this summer. More to come too! We have been so busy...but lots of good times.

Emmas First day at Preschool This Morning!

Emma, her new Trike, and her extra large helmet

Emma on the Swing at Great Grandma and Grandpa Blomquist

Emma with her best friend hazel enjoying the 24th of july
Emma at Lagoon...the camera died after this picture. She loved all the rides but the lady bug drop. It was a little to high for her...even after i rigged her hair in a top notch pony just so she could meet the heighth requirement.


Julia said...

You guys have been way busy. I didn't realize she was off to preschool so soon. So grown up. Landon would freak.

Dave and Jessica said...

Jamie....Emma is so grown.up. If feels like just yesterday we were all watching American Idol in your living room and you were about ready to pop. We were all discussing ways you could get yourself to go into labor. haha...the good old days. She is a cutie!

Lizzen said...

HOW ON EARTH IS EMMA OLD ENOUGH FOR PRE-SCHOOL?? I swear time flies . . . especially when you don't see people for a while. Hope everything is grant! Looks like it is.

Joanie said...

Can you believe our girls are so grown up? I don't think I've seen you since they were born. Emma looks so excited with her little backpack. So cute!