Sunday, September 23, 2007

Crossroads, the jumbo slide and footlong corndogs...YES!

We headed out early so we could visit the animals before the band, Crossraods went on. Emma has been learning about Farm Animals. The whole time we heard didnt even matter what the animal was...they all said MOO!

We are Crossroads Groupies...especially Emma. She loves to see her Grandpa and Aunt Mandy on Stage. "They Rocked" as Greg put it.

After the performance, a footlong corndog, french fries, some BAD homemade rootbeer and Gregs visit with a few carnies we slid down the Jumbo Slide to end our night. Yee Haw! Cant wait until next Year.


Heather said...

Cute Jamie! I loved seeing Emma's dance moves. I didn't know your dad and Mandy had started a band together. . .that's so fun! I'll have to check out one of their concerts next time I'm in town.

Matt and Nat Family said...

Okay we just watched that twice. Emma is the cutest. I miss you so much! We will have to come next year for the fair..Emma`great dancing... You rock!