Monday, October 22, 2007


We made it a tradition to visit Gardner Village when all the witches are out. Makes for some great photos. However, Emma is so crazy half the time...this is what we ended up with this year.

Come Halloween you will see Emma decked out in her Dorothy Costume. And the best of all is that Diggy will play Toto. Perfect!

"There is no place like home"
More Like there is no freaking place that carries Ruby Red Slippers. I had to call every target, wal mart and Payless and bid on every Ebay pair until I finally found them. Yea, My Halloween is complete.
Thank You Target!


The Hill Family said...

How cute! Ben and I took Hannah to see the witches just two days ago. It was our first time and I didn't realize it would be so dang cute so I of course forgot the camera. I'm hoping to get back before Halloween to get some cute pictures.

Adam, Molly & Ruby said...

Gardner Village is the best. We have been twice this year. I have a niece that was Dorthy last year and she continued to wear her costume daily for months after Halloween!

The Shirley Family said...

Hey Jamie, I just found Stephs blog and I saw your link off hers. Isn't blogging so great. I can't believe how big your little girl is. She is such a cutie. I'm glad I can now see what you and your family are up too. Are you still in Sandy? Oh and we have a blog too, it is

Kate, Brian and Hazel said...

Hey Bellessa's
We need to get together soon. Molly gave me your blog address. We just started one. It is

Jamie i work with a guy who knows you...Dave, his partner is your manager??? Small world.

Doug and Merrill said...

Your daughter is so cute. I love that costume, and the perfect shoes. She makes a wonderful Dorothy!