Thursday, December 16, 2010

Since the little buddy was born....

Well 2010 has surely had its ups and downs. Thats for sure. We have so much to be thankful for. 1st and foremost the birth of the little buddy Weston. What a great boy. He is always smiling and happy. Very very easy baby. Good thing because the cuter he gets the more sassy Emma becomes. She is has gone through a whole list of emotions. First, i think the introduction of a little brother threw her. She was a bit jeoulous and felt the need to scream her emotions and act out. It was actually quite entertaining. She has now come to the realization that he isnt going anywhere and has embraced him. She has even come a bit possesive over him. Great big sister. She sings, dances, and poses for him (see above pictures...she has watched to many ANTM's with mom), holds him, feeds him, changes his diapers, makes him laugh, turns on baby einsteins for him, and once tried to lift him from his chair to the other room, ultimately dropping him on the tile floor. He was just fine grandma! Needless to say emma is not allowed to carry him through the house and especially down the stairs. But, she is the best sis and would do anything for him!

Weston has experienced all the Bellessa family has to offer. We have been to the condo in bear lake, been to multiple aggie games, watched many cowboy games (even if they are losing), was blessed by his father in october, shopping with mom at the crazy draper costco multiple times, hung out with his favorite babysitter kassie shoell, trick or treating as a dragon, hung out at the condo in park city for a week (he said he cant wait to hit the slopes with us in a few years), witnessed the amazing swiss days event in midway with grandma and grandpa, been to too many zumba classes with mom (he is going to be the best salsa dancer), naps and dates with aunt mandy, hung out with cousins, and most of all...received many many loves and kisses from all of us. We are so lucky! Welcome to our crazy life little buddy!

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